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Moksha Yoga Responsive Website

15 September 2016


This is my favourite project of all! It’s a school project that I did in web design. The brief was to create a responsive website for the business of our choice along with a complementary mobile application. I picked the Moksha Studio where I usually go on Sundays. It is an awesome place but their current website is terrible!

Doing hot yoga not only make you feel peaceful but it purifies your soul and body (you sweat so much!). So, the idea was to use a colour palette that feels soothing with very clean imagery to convey this pure idea. And let’s be honest, doing hot yoga is very hipster so there’s a little bit of that too lol!

And the goal of the app was to act as a loyalty program. So, its functionalities are as follow: transactions history with total points to date, private messaging (and native alerts) to receive special offers or events customized to your profile, classes schedule to register through your phone and a digital member card to scan at the entrance.


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