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Less Is More Exhibition Poster

20 September 2016


This is a student project that I did when I was studying graphic design in College. I’m still proud of this project because I put a lot of hours into it. And back in the days, I used to get very crafty with my projects and it reminds me that I still should do this more often!

The brief was to advertise an exhibition at the CCA about the famous “Less is More”. In typography, during this era, the typefaces lost their serif when new sans serif typefaces emergent. So, I took this idea literally. I found online a chocolate mold with gothic letters. I poured plaster in it. Then, once dry, I carefully knocked off the serifs with a small hammer. Finally, I shot the whole thing. After that, I still had a lot of Photoshop to do (since I broke a little bit more than I wanted to on the letters lol).



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