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Graphic Design Basic Principles Booklet

21 September 2016


This is a student project that I did when I was studying graphic design in College. It was for a print publishing class. The brief was to create a booklet about the basic principles of graphic design.

It was meant to appeal the graphic designers crowd so I decided to go bold and edgy with any details that they (we) would find cool: unexpected colours combinations (gold and neon pink), handmade details inside covers, artistic print technique, textured paper and uneasy paragraph copy layouts 🙂

I first bought a very delicate embroidered paper to cover the inside front and back covers to match the gold cover that I picked for my project. I used a solvent transfer technique to print the ink of photocopies on textured sheets of paper so it would already look rough and old. Finally I printed on coloured papers my fun layouts and went to a professional bookbinder to put this all together 🙂



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