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Responsive Website For Café Tuyo

15 September 2016


This is a student project that I did when I went back to school in May 2016 to study web design. The brief was to create the art direction for a responsive website for a restaurant.

I picked Café Tuyo, a vegan café located  in Montreal. They didn’t have a website but they already had their logo and this bright coral as their main colour.

I wanted to portray what they are all about: eco-friendly values is a cozy and humble environment, where it feels good to meet with friends to hang out or just to grab an healthy bite while working on your laptop. As the owner wanted, the focus has to be on the simplicity of the food and the freshness of the ingredients. But in addition of the coffee and the meals, they also host different events plus they have a vegan bakery with homemade vegan cheeses. So, it was important to emphasize on these services as well.



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