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Logo & Brand Identity For Alcove

15 September 2016


Alcove was a brand new company and the mandate was to create its whole image from scratch. Fun!
This mandate was given to me when I worked as a graphic designer at Brad. The client came to us for a brand new logo and image. One thing was mandatory: we had to have a blue drop icon somewhere in the logo. It was very challenging at first because to me it was too common cliché for this industry. However, I think I made it work pretty well 🙂 The curve of the letter “A” was to mimic the shape of a sink or even a bath.

Alcove means “a recess, typically in the wall of a room or of a garden.” So, in other words, a secluded place where you kinda hide and relax in private. Also, the primary customer for Alcove is women. So, these two aspects were to consider as well building the brand. This explain the white, clean and feminine imagery for the brochure.

The web design was done by Pascal Gagnon.

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